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on Wed May 24, 2017 4:40 pm
No one saw it coming

It just... happened.

Poof, adults were gone. Kids were in school, daycares, at work with their parents. People were driving, working, cooking. At first, it seemed like a prank. Then the kids realized it was all of the teachers, principals, anyone over 18. Even those held back and still in school at age 19, gone, without a trace. One second they were there and they next they weren't.

Some think it was a punishment for not treating their elders with respect. Others still believed that it was a prank, that they'd come back. Most of the younger ones just wanted their mommy back.

Phones, radios, tv's, communications devices stopped working. There was still electricity and light, but anything that relayed information from the outside world was unusable.
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